Review: Stealing time by K J Waters

Strongly addictive story.

After a very long time I finished a book yelling around "why you do this to me?"

I have got a copy of the book in return for an honest review and it is so far the best book that has come in my hands this way.

This breathtaking and overwhelming story brings the reader to experience all the horrors of a hurricane. Following the life stories of two friends, Ronnie and Stephanie, we go through situations truly on the edge of insanity, though in a completely different way in each case.

Steph tries to face the horrific situation of enormous hurricane together with her friend Nick and several neighbors. The book illustrates the fight for survival in extremely harsh conditions and dilemmas the heroine must overcome with intuitive and very quick decisions.

On the other hand, Ronnie decides to spend the time of storm at her boyfriend´s Jeffrey lab and gets transmitted to mid 18th century. Waking up as a completely different world, she experiences the position of women and hopeless fight against witchcraft hunt. When the whole world seems to be turned against her, she finds a spark of hope in the kind, brave and staunch young man called Mathias, who presents an enormous effort to save her life and is the only one who believes he is not the original girl, Regina.

This reading is a real page-turner, full of twists and well-developed characters, compact and interesting in every possible way. The author plays with the story describing all emotional and logical, historical and modern aspects of an outstanding time-travelling novel.

I really cannot wait for the next book in the trilogy and K J Waters has my full support in every way possible. I strongly recommend this book.

Score: *****